The Queen And I

On the 9th March 2016, I had the distinct honour of being appointed the official tour photographer for the Perth leg of Her Royal Highness, Queen Elsa of Arendelle’s 2016 Australian tour. I’d never Photographed actual royalty before, despite having met and photographed plenty of young kings and queens in the figurative sense 😃

I was granted an hour of the queens time in between various other official engagements and a charity function for the Leukaemia Foundation of Australia’s Worlds Greatest Shave (A major Australia wide fundraising event taking part in the first half of the year and encouraging people to seek out sponsorship in the form of donations for them to shave their head or colour their hair a wacky or bright colour)

It was HRH wish that we should get some studio shots in order to show off the fine work of Lauren Reynolds at local label Vulpine Clothing. Vulpine clothing had the challenging task of creating a warm weather ready version of Queen Elsa’s signature Royal dress, that is iconic in the eyes of her millions of fans and followers all around the world. 

Having set up the lighting prior to the Queens arrival at Chris Huzzard studios and in Perth and following the queens signature hair and makeup being expertly applied by Elle Burgess, we were able to quickly bang out a great set of photos of the modified royal gown. These photos will be up in the near future on the Vulpine clothing Facebook page ( and website (

With 30 minutes still to play with, we made a quick phone call and were able to organise a special visit to the newly finished Perth city Library’s Children’s section. While there the queen met and signed autographs with throngs of young fans and the staff, who all admitted to being quite taken with the charming queen! I used this wonderful opportunity to score some fantastic royal portraits and wonderful natural images of the queen relaxing. 


Having spoken with members of Queen Elsa’s staff since, I am happy to report there are plans for her to return to Australia, this time with a much more forgiving tour schedule later in the year. Keep your eye on my facebook page for more information on dates and events as soon as it comes to hand! 


Meanwhile if you’d like to support Queen Elsa and Lauren Reynolds Worlds Greatest shave account with a tax deductible donation, then please visit the link below and consider donating as much as you can afford. Having lost my best mate from high school to blood cancer and seen what he went through, I can personally testify that combatting and ending blood cancers is an incredible cause.


Untill Next Time, 


Scott Free

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